FF09D Dually

FF09D Dually

Looking for high-quality wheels that are sure to do the job no matter how tough the terrain? Then there’s no better choice than top-notch Fuel Dually 1PC wheels. Perfect for most popular truck makes, including Jeeps and Chevys, these wheels will take your travel experience to a whole new level, while customizing your vehicle’s appearance.

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If you’re in need of premium-quality wheels for off-roading, then Fuel Dually wheels are right up your alley. Engineered using the latest technologies, they are proven to deliver a superbly comfortable ride no matter whether you’re on a smooth or rough road. These wheels are offered in a variety of sizes, spoke designs and finishes and are available for both stock and lifted applications. Designed with style in mind, they will add a luxurious touch to your vehicle, distinguishing it from the rest of the pack. All Fuel Dually wheels have a common 8-lug design as well as a signature Fuel logo at the center cap that represents the company’s reputation for quality. Fuel offers cast and forged options for its Dually Series wheels. Forged wheels are the pinnacle of light weight and durability. Extremely strong, yet much lighter than cast alternatives, they ensure even greater handling and fuel economy, while keeping you safe on the road.

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